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My Stantec Story: Illuminating climate action and sustainable design with Chloe Joseph

May 30, 2022

Chloe, graduate environmental planner, shares how working across a variety of disciplines has provided a good foundation to her career

In the My Stantec Story series, our designers, engineers, marketers, project managers, and leaders come together to share how their career journeys at Stantec have shaped their lives and moved them closer to their goals.

Tell us about your role…

I joined Stantec’s Reading office in September 2021 as a graduate environmental planner. I work on a range of schemes and deliverables in technical disciplines including energy, climate change, sustainability, health, and lighting. I also support the coordination of our environmental impact assessments in a variety of infrastructure and development projects.

What attracted you to a career at Stantec?

I studied in the MSc Climate Change, Development, and Policy program at university which demonstrated that climate change poses a huge environmental challenge and requires collective action to divert global temperature rises. I was keen to pursue a career within the environmental sector and to play a part in supporting climate change and other environmental issues. Stantec offered the opportunity to be involved in a range of exciting infrastructure and development projects that would influence overall sustainability in the UK. There’s also a supportive working culture at Stantec where people are put first, and this is reflected in the great colleagues within my team. 

What do you enjoy most about your role?

The most enjoyable aspect is that I can work within a range of different environmental disciplines, whilst also being able to tailor my work towards the disciplines that I’m passionate about. I’ve been particularly interested in energy, and Stantec has given me the opportunity to focus more of my time on energy projects alongside other work that interests me. I also have a great, supportive team of colleagues around me—which makes every day more enjoyable.

How has your personal and professional development been supported at Stantec?

Stantec supports your journey to become a chartered member of a professional body by sponsoring your membership fees. I’m now a graduate member of the Institute of Environmental Management (IEMA) which allows me to go to IEMA events and webinars to increase my understanding of the planning and environmental sector. I also have a mentor to help me on the journey to become chartered, and I regularly fill in my career professional development (CPD) diary with the various work experiences and training sessions I complete.

What has been the standout project for you during your time at Stantec?

I’ve supported the planning application for the residential and mixed-use development of Skegness Gateway, and I’ve been involved in both the energy and lighting deliverables on this project. My interest in energy meant it was interesting to plan the energy strategy and explore the on-site and off-site renewable technology opportunities for the scheme. The lighting assessment also involved visiting the site during a three-day trip to Lincolnshire, which was a great opportunity to travel and see where the project will come to life. 

I’ve been particularly interested in energy, and Stantec has given me the opportunity to focus more of my time on energy projects alongside other work that interests me.

What are your ambitions for the future at Stantec?

Continuing to develop my skills and enhancing my knowledge of the planning system. Over the next few years, it would be great to be involved in a broader array of projects and continue to explore my interest in the energy sector.

What are your passions outside of work?

In my free time, I enjoy getting outside and exploring new places, with my family and friends. I also enjoy relaxing with a book at the weekend, staying active, and spending time cooking and baking.

Why should others join the Stantec team?

It’s a great place to start your career as a graduate. There’s a friendly and collaborative working environment, and other members of the team are always on hand to help. Stantec allows you to be involved in a variety of different and exciting infrastructure projects and gives individuals the ability to grow and tailor their careers to the areas that interest them.

At Stantec, we put people first, and for Chloe that means support for her career growth and providing opportunities for her to build on her climate action ambitions. If you want to start your career at Stantec, visit Graduates & Apprentices to find out more. 

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