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My Stantec Story: Increasing colleagues’ awareness of neurodiversity with Martin Scragg

March 13, 2023

Martin, a project technical leader with our Water group, chairs our Neurodiversity UK ERG to provide support and increase understanding

In the My Stantec Story series, our designers, engineers, marketers, project managers, and leaders come together to share how their career journeys at Stantec have shaped their lives and moved them closer to their goals.

Tell us about your role…

I began my career with Stantec in 2003 as a mature graduate civil engineer. I then moved through the company as a civil engineer then senior civil engineer to my current position in technical leadership.

During my time at Stantec, I have led technical teams and managed a wide range of projects within the water industry, focusing on wastewater, clean water, and water networks. My responsibilities have included serving as a technical lead, partaking in technical governance reviews, and taking on management of some epic projects.

As part of my career, I have acquired the APM (Association for Project Management) Project Manager qualification and facilitated project technical leadership and project manager training.

What attracted you to a career at Stantec?

My love for water and water treatment has been a consistent passion of mine since my university days when I was studying public health engineering. I got a chance to further pursue this interest with a placement year at the Environment Agency. Then, I joined Stantec and continued working on water projects and honing my skills.

How would you describe the culture at Stantec?

Stantec has an inviting and supportive environment with an open and honest atmosphere. Colleagues can reach out to anyone in the company for any reason. It's amazing how ideas can flow between individuals. Our people are more than happy to listen and help make those ideas come to life.

The culture is thriving and adjusting to suit the hybrid work style. More and more people are returning to the office and using it as a hub to meet and collaborate with colleagues.

I'm also really proud to see our offices evolving to suit the needs of those who are neurodivergent, with our latest offices in Brighton and London created with such individuals in mind.

Tell us more about the Neurodiversity UK Employee Resource Group (ERG)

As chair of the Neurodiversity UK ERG, I help support neurodivergent colleagues and their families. This ERG raises awareness, provides a safe, supportive space and an employee voice to challenge the business and define its strategy.

The first Neurodiversity UK ERG meeting I joined was a fantastic experience. I felt like I could speak openly about that part of me for the first time without judgement. Since then, I had the opportunity to give a presentation to colleagues about understanding neurodiversity. I was pleased that nearly 300 people participated.

Alongside our wellbeing initiatives, seeing how much progress has been made in creating a more open-minded environment for all is inspiring!

My brain enables me to think, work, and live differently. Together, let’s continue to break down the barriers that neurodiverse individuals have traditionally faced and create a world of understanding and inclusion for all.

What do you enjoy most about your role?

Interacting with my team members gives me the greatest pleasure. I'm delighted when I receive a message from someone who wants to speak to me; I never know what to expect. I get a real buzz out of working out how the team fits together, its strengths and needs, and how everyone relates to each other. Understanding this dynamic is essential, and it's a task I truly enjoy.

How has your personal and professional development been supported at Stantec?

At Stantec, I've found a company culture that goes beyond work and fully embraces the personal side of its people.

I've always felt supported both professionally and personally, and when I needed to take some time off for personal reasons, I received care and understanding. The senior leadership team reached out to check up on my wellbeing, and for that I'm grateful.

When I sought to expand my horizons into project management, Stantec and my colleagues encouraged me and provided opportunities to venture into other aspects of the business.

Furthermore, when I desired to become more knowledgeable about emotional intelligence, I created a business case and obtained approval to attend a three-day training course. Now, I use the knowledge I gained to give back to the company by teaching it in the technical leadership training course.

What are your passions outside of work?

There’s nothing quite like capturing the beauty of the world through the lens of a camera. It’s an opportunity to step away from everything else, find inner peace, and let my creative energy take over. Whether going out alone or with family, it's a mediative journey of exploration each time I look through the viewfinder.

What are your ambitions for your future at Stantec?

Our people are our biggest asset. I am currently putting together a business case to become a coach for Stantec, focusing on team dynamics and project delivery. By taking the time to learn more about our people and seeing where they fit best, as well as helping the business do more to help its employees reach their highest potential, this will not only make a difference for our employees, but it will positively impact Stantec's culture and operations.

Why should others join the Stantec team?

If you have a good idea and you want to express your passion about something, then Stantec is an excellent place to do it.

We're always on the lookout for people with ambition and enthusiasm, who are willing to bring their talents and make a difference. Our focus is creating an equitable workplace that brings out the best in everyone—there's no such thing as too crazy of an idea. Plus, with global opportunities and plenty of chances to learn and grow, why wouldn't you want join our team?

At Stantec, we put people first. For Martin, that means working for a company that promotes career growth, understanding, and support. If you want to start your career at Stantec, visit our Careers page to find out more.

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