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My Stantec Story: Protecting and preserving our historic environment with Emily Carroll

May 31, 2023

Emily, senior archaeology and heritage consultant, shares how she’s able to maintain her unique research interests alongside project responsibilities

In the My Stantec Story series, our designers, engineers, marketers, project managers, and leaders come together to share how their career journeys at Stantec have shaped their lives and moved them closer to their goals.

Tell us about your role…

I’m a senior archaeology and heritage consultant with Stantec’s Archaeology and Heritage team. By planning and managing mitigation strategies to establish protection and preservation of the historic environment, I conduct archaeological input for major water, highways, and infrastructure projects—I’m based in the Leeds office and work predominantly with Yorkshire Water and Northumbrian Water. My daily activities involve producing high-level, in-depth assessments of the historic environment and discussing requirements for archaeological works—work that includes geophysical surveys, heritage statements, and field excavation with local county archaeologists, managing contractors who are undertaking archaeological work on Stantec’s behalf. I also conduct site and archive visits. Ultimately, it’s my job to protect and preserve the historic environment, helping Stantec fulfil their archaeological obligations.

What attracted you to a career at Stantec?

I first became aware of Stantec through a friend who worked for the Company. I was instantly impressed with the diversity of projects Stantec was involved in, as well as how much value they placed on community and environmental sustainability. Having not long finished my PhD in Late Iron Age and Roman osteoarchaeology, I was keen to branch out into other specialisms and learn new skills—with Stantec’s support. 

What do you enjoy most about your role?

Over the last 18 months, I’ve found my favourite part of my job is my team. I’m very lucky to be working alongside such talented and experienced archaeologists who always make time to answer my questions and provide advice—they make working at Stantec an enjoyable experience.

How has your personal and professional development been supported at Stantec?

In addition to working at Stantec, I’m also a freelance osteologist—a human bone specialist. Over the last six years, I’ve collaborated with museums, universities, and other specialists and Stantec supports me in maintaining my research interests and areas of expertise. In October 2022, I attended the first Cremations in Archaeology conference in Ghent, Belgium where I presented research I had undertaken as part of my freelance work, examining cremation assemblages from Roman Colchester. Keen for me to develop my professional reputation and knowledge base further, Stantec encouraged my attendance at this conference. Not only was I able to share my research with peers, but I also learned a lot about methodological advances and new theoretical frameworks at the forefront of archaeological science, all of which adds to my expertise as an archaeology and heritage consultant.

What has been the standout project for you during your time at Stantec?

When I first started here in October 2021, I conducted the environmental co-ordination for two schemes located in Hampshire, East Woodhay, and Romsey. With the projects at their initial stages, I was heavily involved in helping the optioneering process through conducting high-level environment assessments and liaising with a mix of colleagues from the environmental specialists team. Not only did these projects help me understand how concept designs develop through inputs from various disciplines, but they provided vital project managing experience. What’s special about these projects is that I’m still involved, 18 months later, conducting archaeological input—I’ve worked as both an environmental co-ordinator and consultant archaeologist on these schemes, and it’s been wonderful to see them progress. 

I’m very lucky to be working alongside such talented and experienced archaeologists who always make time to answer my questions and provide advice.

What are your ambitions for the future at Stantec?

I’m keen to continue to progress in my career and learn new skills where I can—I’m eager to learn building surveying. Luckily, there are several upcoming projects where I hope to learn the basics.

What are your passions outside of work?

Outside of work, I love to knit and crochet. I enjoy baking and try to bring in sweet treats when visiting colleagues in other offices—when I’m not kickboxing. For the last nine months, I’ve been attending a local kickboxing class and am working towards my purple belt. I also have an eight-month old golden retriever who takes up A LOT of my spare time.

Why should others join the Stantec team?

Stantec is a brilliant company that values the ambitions and expertise of its employees. I’ve been supported throughout my career development and enabled to work on a wide variety of projects. In my experience here, everyone I’ve met has been incredibly friendly and supportive. I feel like I’ve made some real friends at Stantec and am looking forward to what the future brings.

At Stantec, we put people first, and for Emily that means supporting activities that expand her knowledge and benefit her wider team. If you want to start your career at Stantec, visit Graduates & Apprentices to find out more. 

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