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A system for safety

October 01, 2020

Current View

By Peter Duncan

Peter Duncan walks through the process of third party environmental and health and safety compliance auditing in Transform Magazine

In this article, Peter Duncan, specialist discipline lead and a project technical lead within our Environmental Services team, considers environmental and health and safety (EHS) compliance auditing with a focus on compliance audits as opposed to management system audits. EHS audits consist of three phases: pre-audit preparation, on-site audit, and post-audit report and follow-up.

Peter explains that the audit process should be driven by a clearly defined scope that includes the standards or requirements on which the audit is predicated. If the focus of the audit is EHS regulatory compliance, it is important both auditor and auditee understand that regulatory compliance is the standard to be achieved. Other standards or requirements, for example, may include management systems, company policies or operating procedures.

  • Peter Duncan

    As specialist discipline lead and also project technical lead, Peter leads a team of environmental advisors across a range of clients and projects to ensure environmental permitting, compliance and EHS auditing.

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