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Planning ahead - the importance of waste planning within developments

August 13, 2021

By Michael Robinson-Moltke

In this Circular magazine article, Michael Robinson-Moltke explains how underground refuse storage systems could help overcome some planning challenges

With viability pressures on developers resulting in a higher density of development, particularly in urban areas, there is greater importance on planning to accommodate developments’ waste needs.

Michael Robinson-Moltke, Senior Waste Consultant discusses the challenges and potential solutions to these pressures and sees there’s no reason why the presentation and collection of our waste streams shouldn’t be driven by advancements in innovation and technology.

Could underground refuse storage (URS) systems be the solution? 

Read the full article in Circular.

  • Michael Robinson-Moltke

    A waste consultant and active member of the Chartered Institute of Waste Management, Michael has spent over 15 years working with private and public waste management companies to develop solutions that help both the client and the community.

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