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Building trust in water recycling

August 14, 2023

Current View

By Neil Gardener and Jonny Greenwell

Lisa Barrott, Jonathan Greenwell, and Neil Gardener write for the Institute of Water Magazine discussing how we build trust in water recycling

Water recycling schemes will become increasingly important sources of water in the UK. Although recycling schemes exist all over the world, the UK has only one full-scale plant in operation. In this article, Stantec’s Lisa Barrott, Jonathan Greenwell, and Neil Gardener, explore how the water industry can build trust in water recycling schemes by recognising and communicating the multiple benefits that they can bring.

  • Neil Gardener

    An environmental engineer and regional discipline lead for process engineering, Neil is focused on sustainable wastewater treatment on projects worldwide—from hydraulic design of stormwater pumping stations to water reuse strategies.

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  • Jonny Greenwell

    Jonny is a senior process engineer with Stantec’s Newcastle-based Water group, focussing on desalination and water reuse for UK clients and supporting Energy group projects on hydrogen production and industrial water supply.

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