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A solution for meeting housing needs across London and the wider South East

January 18, 2024

Current View

By Iain Painting

London needs an additional 52,000 homes a year but is only delivering around 32,000. How can we meet this growing shortfall?

The number of homes being delivered in London is unable to keep up with growing demand. As an expert panel feeds back on the London Plan, Stantec’s planning teams are investigating and explaining the root causes, challenges, and opportunities associated with housing delivery in the city.

In this initial guidance note planning director Iain Painting explores the most fundamental issues and calls for the industry to look outside the rigid London box. 

  • Iain Painting

    Iain provides town planning advice for large scale and complex development projects and is passionate about creating unique spaces. He strives to build strong connections and promote a sense of belonging within communities.

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