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Mining towards Renewable Energy in the UK

December 13, 2021

Current View

By Craig Scott

In this Spotlight Magazine article, Craig Scott shares how pumped storage can help meet the UK’s Net Zero 2050 targets

By harnessing excess electricity produced by other renewable energy sources until it is needed, pumped storage can provide critical backup during periods of excess demand by maintaining grid stability. Pumped storage's unique ability to provide energy reserves and grid reliability means it's a proven, reliable, and sustainable answer to our energy storage needs.

Craig Scott explores how using renewable electricity generation is changing the role that pumped storage can play in supporting the reliability of the national grid in this article. 

  • Craig Scott

    Craig is a hydropower, energy, irrigation, and dam specialist working out of Edinburgh, Scotland. With over 25 years of experience, he has managed various engineering requirements in Asia Pacific, Europe, and Africa.

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