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Collaboration Re-Defined: Positioning for Success at PR19

April 04, 2018

Current View

By Ken Gedman

Ken Gedman talks about collaboration for water company success in AMP7

This article, first published in The Institute of Water Magazine, discussed the challenges ahead for the UK water industry. Water companies need to deliver reliable, resilient, and affordable water and wastewater services, against a backdrop of uncertainties like climate change, economic disruption, and changing cultural and social values and attitudes.

Ofwat has set out its key priorities for water company plans through its four key themes—customer engagement, affordability, resilience, and innovation.

In the run up to PR19, many companies are trying a range of collaborative approaches to clearly demonstrate that business plans have been co-imagined, co-created, and (will be) co-delivered by customers and wider stakeholders.

However, collaboration comes a myriad of challenges. It brings uncertainty. It may be a new way of working for some. Whatever strategies or approaches companies apply, a sustained effort of collaboration is going to be key success in AMP7.

  • Ken Gedman

    Ken’s consulting career spans 26+years, mostly served in the water industry, with specific experience in strategy & planning, asset management, innovation, business transformation and technical assurance.

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