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Published in Infrastructure Intelligence: The Project 13 initiative—engineering behavioural change

April 29, 2019

By Craig McMaster

Successful infrastructure investment requires the understanding and influence of behaviour as much as the development of assets

Environmental upheaval, technological revolution, economic pressures and shifting customer expectations mean the challenge faced by our modern infrastructure sector has never been more complex. In the UK, the need for substantive improvement in our infrastructure efficiency and productivity is evident, driving the development of the Project 13 initiative.

Led by the UK Government, Project 13 is a radical business transformation initiative that will enable the water industry to improve the delivery of new assets and the performance of existing assets, ultimately leading to an improved customer experience. 

Stantec’s Technical Director Craig McMaster and Visualyze’s founder and Managing Director Gary Sanderson believe that in order to fully embrace a different future, we first must accept that behavioural change is also essential. 

In this Infrastructure Intelligence online article, Craig and Gary share hypotheses that explore how behavioural insights can be utilised to influence positive change in the delivery of UK infrastructure and underpin the success of Project 13.

Read the full Infrastructure Intelligence online article.

  • Craig McMaster

    A chartered civil engineer with over 25 years of experience across a variety of sectors, Craig has put a strong emphasis on complex process engineering, water, energy, and large-scale infrastructure.

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