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Nutrient Neutrality

What is nutrient neutrality and how is it impacting land development?

Excessive nutrient input including phosphates are damaging our water ecosystems. In response, Natural England have instructed local authorities in civic areas not to grant planning permission unless nutrient neutrality is achieved. Our experts share the solutions to progressing your land development project.

The nutrient neutrality issue is complex, requires collaboration with multiple stakeholders, and often solutions are site specific. At Stantec, we are proud to have the opportunity to draw on skills in water, catchment management, treatment, ecology, landscape, flood risk, planning, EIA and more to help you develop nutrient management strategies. For more information or for help progressing your land development project: Contact Alan Swan
Meet Our Experts

Robert McTaggart, Technical Director

Efficiency is the combination of effectiveness and productivity.

Alan Swan, Director, Transport

I enjoy the challenge of finding solutions to problems and working with other professionals to deliver sustainable development.

Paul Davison, Technical Director

My focus is the application of science to increase our understanding of catchments, helping clients sustainably deliver clean water.

Andrew Johns, Nature-based Solutions Lead

I’m passionate about integrating blue green infrastructure into development, providing benefits to create better and more sustainable places.

Amy Hensler, Director, Flood Risk

I enjoy working on flood management schemes that provide benefits to existing communities as well as support sustainable new development.

Robert McTaggart

Technical Director

Alan Swan

Director, Transport

Paul Davison

Technical Director

Andrew Johns

Nature-based Solutions Lead

Amy Hensler

Director, Flood Risk

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