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Published in the Institute of Water: Delivering change through research-led innovation

September 23, 2019

Current View

By Chris Digman and Elliot Gill

Stantec’s Chris Digman and Elliot Gill explore the role that practitioners have in creating transformational change to benefit clients and customers

We face compelling reasons to enable rapid and transformative change in the UK water sector. The industry is facing many challenges whilst striving to meet customer expectations, keep bills affordable and enhance the water environment. 

Further issues will arise quickly if we don’t align the right people and technologies to address these challenges and effect transformational change. 

Harnessing the power of collaborative research will yield greater benefits for customers, communities and the environment.

‘We are strong advocates for research-led innovation, based on sound science, offering solutions to the challenges we face’ says Stantec’s Technical Directors Elliot Gill and Professor Chris Digman. 

Bringing together academics, smaller specialist firms and practitioners offers strong and diverse teams, especially when ideas and innovation from outside the water sector are introduced.

For example, the development of B£ST3 for CIRIA brought together academics from the UK and Europe, along with practitioners and SMEs with a wide range of skills to create a tool that is supporting how the industry considers costs and benefits when choosing more sustainable multi-stakeholder solutions to the problems of pollution and flooding.

Read the full article published by the Institute of Water Magazine.

  • Chris Digman

    A recognised technical leader in urban drainage, Professor Chris Digman specialises in wastewater and stormwater management, sustainable drainage, flood risk management, pollution control and sewer solid movement.

    Contact Chris
  • Elliot Gill

    An experienced global leader in water consultancy, Elliot specialises in urban drainage and wastewater planning and the development of solutions to pollution and flooding in cities.

    Contact Elliot
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