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The Geography of Hydrogen is the catalyst to economic stimulus and adaptation to climate change

February 23, 2022

Current View

A green paper considering five recommendations to generate and deliver green hydrogen in the UK

To reach the UK’s hydrogen targets requires an understanding of our geography. Understanding the geographic factors of hydrogen will unlock whole systems thinking to deliver our infrastructure, encourage economic growth, and the 4th Industrial Energy Revolution.

Hydrogen will reshape the UK’s industrial economic landscape. The UK Net Zero Strategy sets out the need to take a systems think approach to delivering infrastructure. In response to this we have considered how the geography of natural resources defines spatial delivery of green hydrogen, the geographical relationship to demand and defined key stakeholders outside the energy sector that will underpin successful delivery of the economic opportunities that comes with the Government’s Green Industrial Revolution.

In developing a spatial framework for hydrogen infrastructure, this green paper sets out five key recommendations for the public and private sector to engender whole system thinking and focus on critical parts of that system.

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