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Published in WET News: In Focus — Social value and procurement

April 29, 2019

Stantec’s Ben Clark discusses the social, economic and environmental benefits that water companies bring to their communities

Social value becoming are a key issue across the UK water sector, how do contractors ensure they measure up? At a time when expectations on the water industry are intensifying, there is a growing need for companies to demonstrate what they can deliver for the people and communities they serve.

The idea of social value is not new, but it is growing in importance, and water companies are well placed to recognise the added benefits they can bring to their communities.

In this WET News article, Stantec's North East and Yorkshire Operations Director Ben Clark discusses how social values are embedded into ESH-Stantec, a joint venture formed in 2015 between Stantec and ESH Group to deliver Northumbrian Water's water and wastewater infrastructure programme. 

He believes that social values are "A benefit for delivery but also for the people who work for the organisation because everyone likes to be involved in giving back to the community. It's a very positive thing for employees".

Read the full article published by WET News Magazine and featured on WWT Online.

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