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We’re going to COP26 – see you there?

May 19, 2021

Stantec has been committed to tackling the climate emergency for decades, but our pace needs to be faster, and our actions bolder

We are gearing up for COP26 in Glasgow in November where political leaders and representatives of the governments of 195 countries will negotiate, compromise and make decisions in relation to climate change commitments. COP26 is widely viewed as one of, if not the last, realistic chance for nations to commit to the major cuts in greenhouse gas emissions needed to avoid climate failure.

The global economy, the way the world does business, how we protect our environment, and how we design utilities and build infrastructure, towns and cities all need to change radically to tackle the climate emergency. Stantec has established multilevel actions in priority areas to accelerate our contribution to climate action and our work towards COP26 and beyond. These include:

Our role to be at the heart of climate action through our work: The UK Government’s key themes for COP26 include: nature; energy; finance; adaptation loss and damage; and the decarbonisation of transport. Our COP journey follows our company strategy for climate change and social value, and is supported by projects across the themes, showcasing how we as scientists, architects, engineers, planners and economists are working with our clients to fight climate change

One area being explored in our content and events programme is the delivery of net zero development and the creation of sustainable infrastructure.

Our internal action plan for climate change and social value: Our pledge to achieve carbon neutrality by 2022 and operational net zero by 2030 reflects our commitment to a robust environmental, social and governance strategy. By tapping into our 22,000 employees, we are developing innovative approaches to some of the world’s biggest problems. And with sustainability embedded across our business and projects, we are committed to giving more back to the communities where we live and work.

An external programme of stakeholder engagement, conference and events: Our Places First programme explores how we can create sustainable communities fit for the future that deliver greater societal and environmental benefits. As part of this initiative, we’ll be running a series of events throughout COP26 that explore the future of mobility, social value as a means of improving decision making for growth, tackling key barriers to the delivery of net zero development and the creation of sustainable infrastructure in the UK and beyond.

Our STEM programme and resources will demonstrate the importance of creativity, innovation and diversity to inspire engagement in the challenge of climate change well beyond engineering and science. 

Join us at COP26

We will be working up to, throughout, and beyond the event to inform and support our collective transition to a more resilient and adaptive future. If you would like to be kept up to date with our latest thought pieces around COP26: click here.

Please join the Stantec at COP26 event on LinkedIn and visit our conference page. On both platforms, we will share articles, podcasts, blogs and information across the full scope of the climate challenge, and explore opportunities for the built environment to take action for a cleaner, greener future.

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