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An analysis of England’s local housing needs in 2024 by Stantec’s Development Economics team

March 27, 2024

Current View

By Debbie Mayes

Following the release of Housing Affordability Ratios, Stantec’s Development Economics team outlines England’s minimum housing need for each local authority.

With an increasing housing backlog, rising cost-of-living and limited space to develop, England’s housing crisis is one of our biggest challenges to address. But how many homes do we need?

Each year, the Office of National Statistics releases its data on annual earnings and house prices across the country in the form of Housing Affordability Ratios. The latest figures suggest that full-time employees in England could expect to spend around 8.3 times their annual earnings when buying a home. According to the ONS, the ratio breached the affordability threshold in 2002 and has been on an upward trend ever since, reflecting decades of under delivery.

In this free to download document, Stantec’s Development Economics team has calculated the minimum local housing need for each local authority in England, using the National Planning Policy Framework’s standard method incorporating the latest 2023 Housing Affordability Ratios.

Download it to see what the need for development is in your region.

  • Debbie Mayes

    As a development economics associate director, Debbie specialises in social and economic impact assessment to support residential-led, commercial-led, mixed-use, and renewable energy developments of varying size and national significance.

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