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Supporting the Water Industry in a changing world

June 22, 2020

Current View

By Liz Chapman, Jamie Woods and Scott Jackson

Navigating the evolving landscape created by Covid-19

The Covid-19 pandemic has tested our societal resilience in coping with a significant threat. Its impact has highlighted the importance of planning for the future, whatever that future may bring. As we mobilise to face the climate emergency, adopt low carbon solutions and become more community focused; we can also continue to shift our approach as water stewards, at an accelerated rate.

Stantec can not only assist you in your response to the ongoing challenges of the pandemic, but can also support the shift in thinking and delivery needed for what will follow; identifying both the challenges and opportunities to exceed the plans and ambitions set out for AMP7.

The world started 2020 more aware than ever of the pressing climate emergency and the necessity of ambitions to achieve zero net carbon. Covid-19 has tested our societies further still and has been negotiated at heavy cost. However, the changes in behaviour and the increased appetite for the adoption of community-based solutions, could also provide new pathways to tackle wider, global challenges and transform the delivery and utilisation of water services.

  • Liz Chapman

    With over 24 years of experience in the engineering industry, Liz has worked with a variety of clients on a wide range of challenging projects and programmes: within the UK and globally.

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  • Jamie Woods

    With over 20 years of experience in the water industry—from asset planning to design and build, Jamie works closely with our leaders to support the accelerated growth of areas such as strategic resource options, coastal and flood risk.

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  • Scott Jackson

    Scott has a proven track record in building excellent client relationships, at all levels, through successful project and programme delivery.

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