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Net Positive Energy for People

January 19, 2023

By David Martin

David Martin tells Work Design magazine how design supports employees’ physical and mental well-being – while keeping them motivated and happy

No place, perhaps, was quite so disrupted by the COVID 19 pandemic as the office. It’s no longer forbidden to dream big when it comes to the workplace. Or ask questions like what does it take to design environments where people feel energized when the work day is done?

It means designing to set the best stage for productive and satisfying work—an environment that allows the whole person to show up at the office and supports and engages them throughout the day, gives them choice and control and shows that it cares about their overall well-being, mental and physical health.

As we think of how to make our offices net-positive in terms of energy, shouldn’t we begin to think about making our team members net-positive too?

Read the full article in Work Design magazine.

  • David Martin

    My passion is engaging with our clients, synthesizing their needs and opportunities into a convergence of form, function, and beauty.

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