• Cornelly Quarry Groundwater Assessments

    Assessing and monitoring the potential impacts of dewatering at the largest quarry in Wales

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  • Quarry Development Cheshire

    Supporting a planning application to develop a new silica sand quarry

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  • Riverside Energy Park

    Helping our client deliver a nationally significant infrastructure project

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Environmental support to the minerals and mining sectors

We are a global leader in the Minerals and Mining sectors and in the UK we are a recognised leader in Water Management associated with mineral and mining developments. We have a full development planning, Environmental Impact Assessment, and permitting capability. We can also provide geological, geotechnical, and engineering expertise in the development of quarry and mine plans (from development to closure) and in the classification and management of quarry and mine waste.

Understanding the ground and groundwater impacts associated with a development are key to mitigating subsurface environmental liabilities.

Francis Crozier Director – Land Group
Expert Spotlight

Francis Crozier, Director – Land Group

Understanding the ground and groundwater impacts associated with a development are key to mitigating subsurface environmental liabilities.

Barnaby Harding, Technical Director, Minerals & Waste

Understanding site life cycles and regulatory context are critical to making good decisions and working efficiently
Barnaby Harding Technical Director, Minerals & Waste Read More

Chris Berryman, Principal Consultant, Waste & Resources Management

Waste is an invaluable resource, and leading waste management expertise is crucial in supporting circular economy and natural capital goals.
Chris Berryman Principal Consultant, Waste & Resources Management Read More

Paul Jeffery, Director, Geotechnical/Geoenvironmental Engineering

Understanding ground conditions is often the key to unlocking a site’s potential for development.
Paul Jeffery Director, Geotechnical/Geoenvironmental Engineering Read More

Francis Crozier

Director – Land Group

Barnaby Harding

Technical Director, Minerals & Waste

Chris Berryman

Principal Consultant, Waste & Resources Management

Paul Jeffery

Director, Geotechnical/Geoenvironmental Engineering


Waste Advisory & Management Providing advice on the planning, permitting & management of waste and waste facilities.
Sustainability, Energy & Climate Change Our strategic advice on carbon management and resource efficiency, climate change and resilience, natural and social capital, helps our clients select sustainable solutions.
Natural Cavities & Mining Cavities Databases Stantec’s extensive databases of natural cavities and mining cavities can be used to quickly check for potential instability and identify locations that might require special further assessment.
Strategic Environmental Guidance Developing plans to address key environmental and sustainability issues.
Protecting, Enhancing the Natural Environment Designing solutions which enhance our environment.
Planning, Consenting & Approvals Enabling economic development by solving environmental challenges.
Regeneration & Renewal Maximising value from your real estate.
Flood Risk Management & Drainage Providing practical solutions to flooding issues.
Design & Construction Support Environment support through asset creation.
Asset Management Protecting your assets from environmental change.
Dams & Hydropower Engineering Services As a renewable energy source, hydropower is reliable and environmentally sound. Stantec’s Hydropower team can cover everything from feasibility studies to new design to existing infrastructure upgrades.
Development Management Our development management services range from the planning application and appeals processes, expert witness work, public and stakeholder engagement to provide a comprehensive offer to our clients.
Plan Making and Evidence We have a wide range of experience in-house to deliver policy and evidence based projects along with an in depth understanding of the detailed numbers and data behind the strategic outcomes.

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