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Smart(ER) Mobility

A Smart(ER) Mobility™ approach

What happens when you look at transport through a holistic lens? When you consider the power and opportunity that comes from access to safe, affordable, reliable, and convenient mobility options?

Transformational change doesn’t happen overnight. But, through an adaptable approach that prioritises equity and resilience in every transport decision, we can support more inclusive, sustainable, and efficient decision-making to harness the power of disruption. This is what drives Stantec’s focus on not just Smart Mobility, but Smart(ER) Mobility.

Mobility is an equaliser for communities. By recognising that mobility is not about vehicles but about people, and by leveraging emerging technologies, we can confront the difficult societal challenges we are facing, including addressing climate change, filling equity gaps, and investing in future ready and resilient infrastructure.

To be Smart(ER), we must think about community minded infrastructure and create multi-disciplinary foundations supporting a mobility ecosystem that provides access to jobs, services, and education to build more equitable and resilient communities that leave no one in the rear-view mirror.

Your path to smarter mobility

Each community’s smart mobility needs differ. Some may need to start at the beginning—writing policy or developing a vision and strategy. Others may need to determine the feasibility of electric vehicle infrastructure or e-scooter programmes. Communities may need first-mile/last-mile on-demand solutions that consider microtransit or transport network company partnerships, or testing and piloting autonomous vehicles. Whatever your needs, we can help you create solutions—smartly, safely, and with users’ needs at the forefront.

Merging mobility and land-use

Mobility and land-use go hand in hand. However, policy development is not always coordinated. By focusing on planning and policy that combines land use and mobility, we can design infrastructure that incentivises shared mobility, promotes dynamic right-of-way use (that prioritises user needs), and creates efficient movement of passengers and goods. By using policy to establish foundations, we can leverage next generation mobility solutions to enhance access to safe, reliable, and affordable mobility options for all. Read More

Personal transportation, when and where you need it

Streets are no longer only for cars, but rather, they provide a mix of mobility options to serve diverse needs. Micromobility offers people a new, convenient mode of transport for navigating their communities by bridging the gaps in public transport networks. Whether scootering to work or biking to a doctor’s appointment, it’s important to understand human behaviour in relation to our mobility networks.

The future is electric

Electric Vehicles (EV) are an integral component of the smart mobility ecosystem that is poised to have an increasingly positive effect on climate change. The electrification of transport will bring fundamental changes to our society, including how we design our roads, power grids, commercial buildings, and even our parking lots. But the most impactful change will be to our behaviours around personal travel. Read More

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