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Stantec responds to Government’s Net Zero Review

Sustainable design and engineering firms submit evidence to Department of BEIS on how to maximise net zero growth opportunities while addressing key climate challenges


Stantec, alongside its colleagues at Barton Willmore now Stantec (BWnS), has submitted a joint response to the government’s call for evidence around its approach to deliver on its net zero target, as part of an independent review.

The response draws on the firms’ collective, extensive experience in planning, designing, assessing and delivering development that helps to decarbonise the economy with social, economic and environmental benefits. The document, which is publicly available, proposes that the net zero transition is vital for economic growth and the principal growth opportunity for the built environment.

Within the evidence submitted, Stantec and BWnS call for the government and its agencies to take a stronger role in bringing together asset owners, regulators, the third sector, citizens and the supply chain to enable connected, viable climate solutions.

In addition, the response outlines the urgent need for faster and greater levels of investment in the UK’s infrastructure. It proposes greater support for innovative energy, water and transport solutions to improve resilience, reliability and efficiency, as well as to address decarbonisation.

When responding to the Government’s question about challenges to decarbonisation, the response highlights a number of potential obstacles. This includes a lack of a consistent understanding around terminology, and how to effectively communicate the reality of emissions across different sectors. The evidence compiled suggests that there is not enough political representation for decarbonising industries and highlights how misinformation can act against net zero goals.

Stantec and BWnS suggest that the nation needs to move rapidly to decarbonise the existing built environment. Among other things, this means increasing provision and standardisation of support for electric vehicles, sustainable mass transport, energy from waste technology, and innovative battery storage schemes.

The response was compiled by Stantec’s Lucy Wood, Director - Climate Solutions Leader UK&I, Adrian Johnson, Executive Technical Director, Net Zero & Sustainability, UK&I and Rhiannon Smith, Sustainability Associate at BWnS. Lucy and Adrian are both members of Stantec’s UK&I Climate Change Team.

Ahead of her trip to Sharm El Sheikh to attend COP27, Lucy Wood commented: “Economic and climate-related issues go hand in hand. We need to minimise any confusion around how to define net zero. We must be consistent in the messaging. This is not only critical for the future of our society and environment but the best way to level up the country and drive economic growth. 

“We also need strong political will and policy backing to drive climate-related investment to maximise the growth opportunities from climate change mitigation solutions and boost our resilience to climate change. Government support will also enable businesses, projects, and sectors to mark their performance with confidence and deliver a consistent message to encourage behavioural change. 

“I hope that the volume and strength of the response will convince BEIS that there is both a need and a benefit to the net zero target, and there isn’t scope to water down the net zero transition. It needs to be strengthened and accelerated.”

Stantec acquired Barton Willmore in April 2022, which is the most recent in a series of regional acquisition investments by Stantec in the UK over the past several years, including Peter Brett Associates and ESI Consulting. 

The combined expertise from these organisations has the potential to not only transform projects in the UK but also address wider global design and sustainability issues.

To download Barton Willmore, now Stantec’s and Stantec’s response in full, click here

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