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Stantec supporting Ocean Grazer on the world’s first ocean battery project

Firm is providing technical expertise on the Ocean Battery concept that is expected to make waves in the energy storage sector and drive the energy transition forward


Stantec, a global leader in sustainable design and engineering, is providing technical expertise and consultancy around pumped storage hydropower for a pioneering Ocean Battery project by Dutch start-up company Ocean Grazer. The company is developing a solution for large-scale energy storage that will help drive the transition to renewable energy.

The ocean battery scheme aims to create a modular and scalable solution to store large amounts of energy alongside renewable energy sources such as wind turbines and floating solar farms. Ocean Grazer believes that storing energy at the source will help reduce local peak loads in surrounding networks, better match supply and demand, and provide greater flexibility and environmental outcomes for low-carbon energy generation.

The concept is modelled on traditional pumped storage hydropower schemes, where two reservoirs at different elevations store power as water moves from one to the other. In the Ocean Battery scenario, storage works similarly with reservoirs located both on and below the sea or lake floor near the generator.

The top reservoir will be a flexible bladder sitting on the sea or lake bed. The lower reservoir will be rigid and made of concrete, and created beneath the sea or lake floor. Potential energy will be stored in the form of water under pressure in the flexible bladder. When there is demand for power, water flows back from the flexible bladder to the low-pressure rigid reservoir. This would in turn drive several hydropower turbines to generate electricity. Similarly, when there is excess power generation and demands are low, water will be pumped from the lower rigid reservoir into the flexible bladder to recharge the stored energy.

Stantec was brought on board as a consultant for the project in 2023. The firm was chosen due to its extensive experience in pump storage hydropower projects and is now providing design guidance around hydraulics. Stantec is also reviewing the technical aspects of the concept to supplement Ocean Grazer’s in-house knowledge.

“We’re always on the side of innovation when it comes to the low-carbon energy transition,” said John Ord, Stantec’s UK and Ireland Energy business director. “While offshore energy generation provides renewable and unlimited source of energy, it’s vital that we are able to store this energy so it can be used when and where it is needed most. Pioneering concepts like Ocean Grazer’s push the boundaries of what’s possible. Having proper counsel around the complex technology and engineering aspects is the best way of turning these ideas into reality.”

Ocean Grazer aims to carry out a pilot project in the next year to prove the viability of its concept. It suggests that the technology is sustainable and eco-friendly, while being designed to enhance marine life.

“The Ocean Battery is a groundbreaking solution that circumvents the limitations of traditional pumped hydro storage,” said Frits Bliek, chief executive officer at Ocean Grazer. “Unlike conventional systems reliant on specific landscape elevations, the Ocean Battery can be deployed in diverse settings—whether inshore, near shore, or offshore—making it highly adaptable to various geographical constraints.

Teaming up with Stantec brings a crucial advantage. By leveraging their expertise in pumped storage hydropower alongside our innovative modular and scalable solution, the development process for the Ocean Battery is significantly expedited. This strategic partnership not only accelerates progress but also ensures Europe's independence from imported storage technology. With this approach, we can construct the necessary storage capacity within the designated timeframe, paving the way for a sustainable energy future.”

A global leader in pumped storage, Stantec provides a full range of engineering and environmental services, including concept planning, implementation, and rehabilitation services over the entire life cycle of a project. Stantec has developed a global footprint in pumped storage from over 60 years of experience working with our international clients and has one of the largest teams of pumped storage specialists in the international consulting industry.

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