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Bells and Mocketts Pumping Station

Leading the first, large-scale installation of innovative, fish-friendly Archimedes’ screw pumps in the UK

  • Kent, United Kingdom

    Kent, United Kingdom

Water level management and flood protection to a catchment of valuable farmland on the protected Medway Estuary

In order to protect a catchment of low-level agricultural land from flooding, the Lower Medway Internal Drainage Board (IDB) needed a new pumping station on the Isle of Sheppey. The station would replace two other deteriorating assets and needed to provide safe passage for eels moving in and out of the catchment from the North Sea. Our team stepped in to help.

In the past, the catchment has experienced significant flooding that damaged crops, highlighting the importance of a reliable water management system to the local economy. We evaluated the possibility of an increased capacity pumping station capable of replacing the IDB Bells Pumping Station and upgrading the nearby EA-owned Mockett’s Pumping Station—the reconstruction provided an opportunity to upgrade the passage for eel migration. Our team appraised the viability of the fish-friendly options available, and an Archimedes’ Screw pump was selected. This screw integrates a casing around the helical screw blade that rotates around the central shaft, thus avoiding the potential for leading edge fish damage associated with traditional screw pumps with a static casing and provides high efficiency and reliability improvements—it’s also a nearly silent operation.

Now complete, IDB can be confident their new pumping station has the capacity and reliability necessary to protect the catchment into the future.

At a Glance

  • LowerMedway Internal Drainage Board
Pump Industry Awards 2019, Finalist
Environmental Contributions of the Year – Pump Industry Awards 2019, Shortlisted

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