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Industrial Land and Transport Study

Analysing how the release of industrial land for housing affects London’s transport networks, in the context of the London Plan

  • London, United Kingdom

    London, United Kingdom

Examining the impact of London’s industrial land planning policies

In recent years, industrial land in London has been increasingly re-allocated for housing development, given the demand for housing in the capital. This has potential impacts on London’s transport networks as economic activity is displaced to other locations in and around London, creating a potential cause for concern. As a result, Stantec was commissioned to study issues surrounding transport and industrial land sites and how they could be addressed.

The study consisted of analysis of the economic activity taking place at London’s industrial land sites, the transport intensity of these activities, and the relocation behaviour of those who have moved from industrial sites. It also examined connectivity to determine where these industries could best be located and the potential impacts of different land use allocations on London’s key transport corridors—the purpose being to provide a commentary around the many issues raised by this land use policy. This desk-based analysis used a combination of GIS and model outputs from the London transport models and was supplemented with consultation with the freight sector to determine the key issues as seen from those operating out of industrial land sites. 

The resulting report was published on the Greater London Authority website as part of the London Plan (a key strategic planning document) evidence base. 

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Scott Leitham

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