Mobile, cloud-based supply chain management

Supply chain management has a lot of moving parts, and simple errors can cause serious and costly issues. You need to get your assets and supplies to the right place at the right time, whether that’s construction materials or consulting services.

Stantec’s Commercial Order Management System (COMS) is a chain management tool that combines buying, sourcing, pricing, requisition, logistics, receiving, and reporting. COMS is mobile, scalable, and modular in its approach, effectively supporting the varied services and projects Stantec delivers for our clients. The system improves coordination and efficiency on single purchases as well as on complex, multi-part programs with materials, contracts, or services valued in the millions or billions of dollars.

Your projects need a credible technology solution, something more comprehensive than excel and paper tracking. We developed the tool to better streamline the management process—each COMS module is project-specific and tailored to fit your needs. It supports many different contract models, providing opportunities for all sorts of project types as well as client and consultant roles. The reporting capabilities allow our teams to act as direct agents for vendor purchases, and with its cloud-based, mobile-ready features, COMS keeps your information up to date and securely accessible.

With Stantec’s Commercial Order Management System, you can improve the visibility and transparency of your costs and performance, reducing risks and avoiding unwelcome surprises. 

Usability focused

Off-the-shelf order, procurement, and logistics management software options are costly and complicated because they try to serve every client and every use case. COMS is specific to the architecture, engineering, and construction industry and therefore has a short learning curve. It’s immediately applicable to your project needs and challenges.

Mobile ready

COMS makes tracking and management data available on-site to any of your users. This comes in handy when accurate receiving information is required immediately. When exceptions or errors are reported, the system flags them, enabling your team to investigate and adapt immediately with a clear understanding of the situation.

Customized reporting

The tool’s highly visual dashboards and key performance indicators compile information from multiple sources and systems into integrated reports. These reports are delivered as near real-time status updates on progress, issues, and risks from the field. Customizable to meet your needs and the needs of owners, stakeholders, and regulatory authorities, these reports can be branded with client or project logos for ease of processing. Whatever your project needs, COMS can align with your goals.

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