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Design & Construction Support

Environment support throughout asset creation

Proactive identification and management of environmental aspects is an essential step in optimising design solutions and efficiently delivering construction activities so they address project constraints and environmental regulations. Our experienced team of environmental specialists work with engineers, logistics specialists and planners to deliver integrated solutions that enable the delivery of complex design and construction projects on time and on budget.

We share our customer’s goals and are invested in delivering successful outcomes.

Jeremy Coulton Director, Geotechnical & Geoenvironmental

Redefining waste

Do you handle construction, demolition, and excavation wastes? Using the principles of a circular economy, we work with you to optimise the use of materials at every stage of your project. Learn more about how you can design out the waste, recover useable materials, and more in our Redefining Waste flat sheet. Read More

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Environmental Consulting Our environmental consultants work closely alongside our planners, engineers and economists to integrate environmental considerations into all stages of the design process.
Strategy & Planning Our experienced teams enable us to develop scenario-based plans and strategies for the future, underpinned by proportionate engagement and evidence.
Structural Engineering We deliver reliable, solid, and beautiful structures that withstand the test of time.
Sustainability, Energy & Climate Change Our strategic advice on carbon management and resource efficiency, climate change and resilience, natural and social capital, helps our clients select sustainable solutions.
Urban Drainage, Flooding Engineering Services Solving urban drainage challenges, creating resilient communities.
Utilities We have extensive experience in providing utility consultancy services to private and public sector clients across the UK.
Water Infrastructure Engineering Integrated water supply systems to provide improved resilience and energy efficiency.
Cavities Database Stantec’s extensive databases of natural cavities and mining cavities can be used to quickly check for potential instability and identify locations that might require special further assessment.

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