Reducing environmental risk and cost

With an increase in legislation aimed at protecting and enhancing our environment, developers and designers need new tools to navigate complex approval processes without delaying their projects. EnviroExplore™ helps you quickly assess a proposed site's environmental status and gain the necessary approvals to move your project into the construction phase.

Community development projects can require approval from multiple governing bodies, the extent of which depends on the project’s predicted level of impact—during both construction and operation. To predict the environmental impact, multiple platforms must be manually accessed and cross-checked, leaving room for errors if information is missed or misinterpreted, which can pose both an environment and legal risk.

EnviroExplore™ reduces these risks by streamlining all publicly available environmental and heritage spatial datasets into one platform. The site’s status is provided in an interactive map, an excel export of interacting datasets, and a geodatabase of datasets within a 10-kilometre (6.2-mile) radius. This data helps you plan project footprints that avoid sensitive environments—minimizing environmental impacts, approvals timeframes, and associated project costs.

With this tool, you can be sure that you’ve collected the required data from all relevant sources, in a fraction of the time. 


EnviroExplore™ can be used across engineering and environmental companies during the prefeasibility, planning, proposal, and approval stages. The tool identifies required approvals and subsequent timeframes—dependent on location—and it can help you avoid, mitigate, or reduce environmental impact approval timeframes. EnviroExplore™ quickly identifies potentially threatened species or communities that may need to be considered during impact assessment and highlights environmental impacts that might trigger a legislative requirement.

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