Early identification of properties at risk of sewer flooding

Our Flood Alerts tool uses real-time data analytics to enable early identification of blockages in the sewer network.

Using blockage alarm, sewer network telemetry, and weather data, our teams establish a baseline behaviour at each blockage sensor location. The risk status for each live blockage alert is displayed in layered data visualisation. This lets the operations team generate reactive site visits to genuine alerts and provides more detailed views of the data and site history to support ongoing management of the sensor and the customer relationship.

Flood Alerts is designed to ensure that the benefits of large-scale blockage monitoring programs can be implemented quickly while mitigating the risk to the end-user of many alarm devices going live within a short period of time. Flood alerts can be provided as a stand-alone service or as embedded analytics within your cloud environment.

Limit unnecessary impacts of new alarm devices

Wet weather, ground water-related surcharge of the local sewerage system, monitor malfunction, or issues with installation of the equipment can all trigger false blockage sensor alarms. Without alarm diagnosis, these alarms become a nuisance, requiring significant manual review and analysis to filter. An unfortunate consequence? A real blockage alarm might go unnoticed because of general noise from the installations.

Efficient and consistent automated analysis

Our analytical models—which reference other local telemetry data, weather data, history, and the outcomes of previous diagnoses—can calculate the likelihood that an alarm is blockage related. Looking at the analysis results can direct attention to the alarms that need an operational response, without lengthy manual analysis.

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