The future of flood prediction is here

Flood prediction is complex—from flash floods to swelling rivers and coastal surges, accurate prediction necessitates comprehensive, current data. Traditional manual processes take too long and rely on bounded, historical data inputs. Flood Predictor overcomes these limitations by combining fundamental engineering principles with up-to-date data including broad future forecasting and detailed changes like land use and vegetation.

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Forecasting when and where a flood event will happen

Stantec’s Flood Predictor is a digital application that can help communities forecast where and when their next flood event will occur to increase their preparedness.

Tennessee Flood Predictor Integration

Regional flood analysis depends on efficiency, and traditional methods have not historically delivered this. Complicated by hydrology and hydraulic complexity, these models take hundreds, even thousands, of hours to produce—and for a hefty price tag. In many regions, such as along the Mississippi River in Tennessee, Flood Predictor is changing the game.

Making implementation easy

When we launch a new product, we think about more than getting that product into the hands of people who need it. We're focused on making sure that product is doing all the things you want it to do. This means working with you to understand your business needs and how this product will fit into your existing operations. When you invest in Flood Predictor, our Professional Services team works hand in hand with you to implement it, integrate it into your current system, and customize it as needed to fit your business models and goals. Read More
Expert Spotlight

Jeff Albee, Vice President, Director of Digital Solutions

The world is changing at a rapid pace, and traditional methods can’t deliver like they used to. That’s where comes in.
Jeff Albee Vice President, Director of Digital Solutions Read More

Jeff Albee

Vice President, Director of Digital Solutions

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