A reusable, online, street-level assessment tool harnessing the power of Opensource data

Stantec’s Infrastructure Assessor is leveraging Google Street View to assess thousands of properties in record time—so far resulting in 250% time savings. Rather than the business-as-usual, on-foot data collection process, our team designed an innovative online tool to capture the state of properties or infrastructure assets and assess their risk level.

The tool leverages existing models of areas of interest to create an automated approach to identify properties or assets that are at risk. Using nationally-consistent, opensource road and property data sets, the tool creates a database of information for each property and reduces the number of manual inspections that you need to conduct. Users can also input vital, supporting information such as their confidence in the data collected based on the visibility of the property or asset.

The benefit? You get a consistent web-based portal showing exactly which assets are at risk. You can make informed decisions around risk management and priority, serve the most at-risk communities or assets first, and provide clearer information to stakeholders. 

Community value

By assessing properties and assets remotely using the Infrastructure Assessor, you and your sub-consultants use fewer vehicles to get to and from sites, reducing carbon emissions. Staff are only sent into the field for targeted, on-site data collection, and they’re sent for shorter amounts of time, if at all. That’s fewer vehicles on the road and fewer health and safety risks.

Data driven flow paths

Understanding the flood levels of properties has a wider implication—potential improvements to how hydraulic models are undertaken. You can use the information collected by the Infrastructure Assessor to calibrate your models, resulting in more accurate stormwater flow paths.

Bridge inspections

When applied to a bridge inspection, the Infrastructure Assessor can be used to remotely assess the state of the asset. Our team in Wellington, New Zealand, eliminated the need to travel to a different region to carry out the field assessment.
Infrastructure Assessor sets you up for quicker, more affordable flood-risk surveying.
Properties in Three Weeks
Saved Per Property
Office Only

The Infrastructure Assessor tool was used to assess 9,000 properties in three weeks using minimal resources.
When comparing our methodology and solution to previous manual methods, we noted a cost savings of approximately $50 per property assessed.
On a typical project, we were able to assess 70% of identified properties remotely, drastically reducing the number of field surveys.
Expert Spotlight

Louisa Bloomer, Digital Practice Leader, Asia Pacific

Enabling digital technology across all our services creates efficiencies that have the power to change how we deliver solutions, which ultimately advances communities.
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Louisa Bloomer

Digital Practice Leader, Asia Pacific

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