Insight-led market research services for better business decisions

Research Genie combines the power of Stantec’s market and industry research with leading-edge artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) technologies. 

Using structured and unstructured data—big and small—we provide a suite of services including client and customer analysis, industry, trend, stakeholder and ecosystem research, alongside market and industry mapping, tracking, sizing, and forecasting.

Whether you are looking to advance your strategy, win a new opportunity, launch your latest offering, identify a country or market for growth, improve customer satisfaction, or execute a long-term vision, Research Genie can help you understand live dynamics at play, identify openings, navigate future change, and make more informed business decisions.    

Situational intelligence and foresight generation

Research Genie offers a “live window” into your industry, sector or product, helping you understand market changes, benchmark your performance, and gain insight into your customer experience. Alongside the here and now, Research Genie can be a powerful tool for foresight intelligence to understand the future, with example services including emerging signals, innovation hot spots, future risks and opportunities, scenarios, trend forecasting, and converging market space analysis.

Efficiency and effectiveness through automation

With a deep understanding of brand, product, and markets, Research Genie measures sentiment, intent, content, and entities across various media sources, and our automated labelling enables huge data coverage not previously possible to assess, yielding deeper insight. We work with clients to define the outcomes of any project, and this helps set our blend of professional research services and technology augmentation. Research Genie involves dynamic data linking, use of AI/ML technology with ‘live’ and interactive visualization.
Expert Spotlight

Matthew Wilson, Head of Research & Intelligence, Global

Bringing together market research and AI/ML technology is exciting—we’re helping discover and navigate change for better business decisions.
Matthew Wilson Head of Research & Intelligence, Global Read More

Matthew Wilson

Head of Research & Intelligence, Global

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