• Wrangle Sea Bank
  • Benacre and Kessingland Flood Risk Management

Nature-based Coastal & Marine Solutions

Did you know that there are nature-based options for coastal and marine management?

You might already be aware of traditional measures when dealing with coastlines and oceans—sea walls, groynes, and hard defences—but traditional isn’t the only option.

Our team draws upon their expertise to deliver nature-based coastal and marine solutions such as beach nourishment, managed realignment, offshore reefs, and ecosystem restoration including saltmarshes, seagrass, and mangroves. These measures help address coastal erosion, flood risk, sea level rise, and water quality challenges.

Using our holistic, systems-thinking approach, we consider all project impacts to provide the best outcome possible for our clients and communities.

Our ecologists, environmentalists, hydrologists, hydrogeologists, scientists, and engineers are ready to help you with your coastal and marine challenges.

Wrangle Sea Bank

Raising the Wrangle Sea Bank Fly over the Wrangle Sea Bank where we excavated over 200,000 cubic metres (7.1 million cubic feet) of material to raise the defences and create 10 hectares (24.7 acres) of wildlife habitat.

Stabilising our shoreline through a nature-based approach

We engineer with nature to nourish our shorelines and enhance natural processes while establishing beach, foreshore, and dune protection. Our goal? To create resilience for our communities.

Improving our coastal and inland bathing waters

We incorporate natural solutions for water quality, improving resilience and supporting biodiversity while creating better habitats for marine life. Solutions such as mangroves, macro algae, seagrass, and seaweed can act as natural filters, trapping and absorbing pollution and sediment while reducing erosion.

Holistically building flood resilience

It’s crucial that we integrate measures to mitigate climate change and incorporate environmental conservation and protection through project delivery. Using systems and catchment-based approaches, we collaborate with a range of clients, communities, and stakeholders to build in efficiency while increasing flood resilience.

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