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Operational technology, the Internet of Things (IoT), and edge computing are reshaping the way we live, work, and play. As secure asset connectivity expands to industry, effective asset management becomes a critical element in the decision-making process for achieving your organisation’s goals for productivity, cost-efficiency, and quality. 

Stantec delivers data-driven insights to help optimise utilisation, increase availability, and reduce operating costs of your physical and natural assets. With our proven delivery methodology, combined with our world-class industry partnerships, we can help you identify and deliver OT, IoT, and edge computing solutions that optimise your existing assets and capabilities.

Fire Flow

Fire Flow is an online geographical information system (GIS) tool that links building specifications and water network information. This connection allows users to test and determine the amount and pressure of water required to suppress a fire. Read More

The Internet of Environment: digitally twinning the planet

The Internet of Things is influencing our daily life, and it's only logical that the Internet of Environment will do the same thing. Read More

The hidden climate impact of the Internet of Things

The sum of the energy needed to run the IoT data ecosystem is already causing a noticeable dent on existing power infrastructure across the globe. If ultimately, a substantial proportion of the data has no value, this energy consumption and its impact on power infrastructure is being wasted. But lessons learned from plastic waste management could help. Read More
Expert Spotlight

Michael Morrisroe, Water Infrastructure Lead

Driving the promotion of Infrastructure with advanced control and analytics to optimise water utilities water supply systems.
Michael Morrisroe Water Infrastructure Lead Read More

Scott Witchalls, Director, Transport and Infrastructure

We place good infrastructure at the front and centre of our design thinking to create places people want to live, work, and play in.
Scott Witchalls Director, Transport and Infrastructure Read More

Rob McDonald, Director, Smart Infrastructure

We further the application of smart infrastructure technology where it adds real value for our public and private sector projects.
Rob McDonald Director, Smart Infrastructure Read more

Michael Morrisroe

Water Infrastructure Lead

Scott Witchalls

Director, Transport and Infrastructure

Rob McDonald

Director, Smart Infrastructure

Stantec.io Digital Services

Computing Platforms & Advanced Analytics Using machine learning, we’re leveraging artificial intelligence over cloud computing and developing predictive technology solutions to address a wide spectrum of engineering challenges in physical and natural infrastructure.
Geospatial Platforms & Analytics Our geospatial experts facilitate the collection, storage, retrieval, distribution, display, and analysis of geospatial data. We provide geospatial services through creativity, leading-edge technology, and exceptional project delivery.
Immersive Collaboration Our team of filmmakers, animators, 3D modelers, and application engineers produces products such as cinematic photorealistic films and building renderings, data-driven facility fly-throughs, virtual open house platforms, and AR/VR experiences.
Information Management Systems With the right information management system, it’s easy to collect, store, access, collaborate, and report on the critical information needed for effective project management, design, and delivery.
Intelligent Assets Our team can develop, implement, and support the registration of stand-alone or fully integrated intelligent asset management systems, from initial planning and acquisition through to operations and maintenance.
Project Planning, Design & Delivery Computational, parametric, and generative tools help us find efficient design-delivery workflows, freeing up time to innovate or just do it all more quickly.

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