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Enabling development by solving environmental challenges

We help our clients to find sites, plan, obtain approval for and deliver major development and infrastructure projects. We provide trusted advice to create value from the land and buildings owned or operated by our clients by overcoming environmental challenges and maximising opportunities. Working throughout the development cycle, we support our client’s in achieving their development aspirations, whilst also enhancing the environment and supporting our communities.

Providing effective environmental consultancy advice allows high quality outcomes for communities, the environment and our clients.

Elaine Richmond Director, Environmental Services

Air Quality

Growing public awareness of the health benefits of cleaner air and the contributions our daily lives make to air pollution has drawn increasing attention to the issues around air quality and emissions. Our holistic approach offers insightful advice on ambient air quality issues, including detailed dispersion modelling of road traffic and industrial emissions, as well as odour, dust monitoring and assessment, and advise on innovative approaches to mitigation. We’re here to help you resolve your air quality issues. Read More


Stantec’s global group of acoustic specialists understand your challenges related to regulatory compliance and public concern over noise and vibration. Our collective experience ranges from environmental and transportation noise, to monitoring and vibration, which provides you with the technical expertise to consistently deliver quality noise and vibration solutions. Through innovative problem solving and smart application of technology, Stantec delivers the noise and vibration solutions that fit your needs. Read More

Energy and sustainability

Sustainability of the built environment is of major importance to a wide range of stakeholders. The inclusion of carbon reduction, energy efficiency and BREEAM within policies and company-based CSR has resulted in the need for early engagement with sustainability professionals. By collaborating with our mechanical and electrical engineers, energy modellers, ecologists and other environmental disciplines, opportunities to embed sustainability are recognised at each development stage. Read More

Environmental Impact Assessments

Stantec’s environmental planning team has a wealth of experience in delivering robust environmental reporting for new developments, from EIA Scoping reports, Preliminary Environmental Information and consultation material, Environmental Statements and Environmental Management Plans. Read More
Expert Spotlight

Elaine Richmond, Director, Environmental Services

Providing effective environmental consultancy advice allows high quality outcomes for communities, the environment and our clients.
Elaine Richmond Director, Environmental Services Read More

Stefan Boss, Director, Environmental Planning

The best environmental solutions aren’t just about environmental outcomes, they’re about enriching communities and enabling our clients.
Stefan Boss Director, Environmental Planning Read More

Natasha Jones, Senior Associate, Landscape Architecture

Creative landscape planning and green infrastructure reconnects communities to their environment.
Natasha Jones Senior Associate, Landscape Architecture Read More

Paul Jenkin, Director, Water Management

Considering flood risk at the planning and design stage of development and infrastructure projects is key to developing a sustainable future.

Richard Puttock, Director, Geotechnical and Environmental

Adopting appropriate innovation can provide significant cost and time effective solutions on clients’ projects.
Richard Puttock Director, Geotechnical and Environmental Read More

Simon Randall, Director, Environmental Services

Environmental services enable the safe and sustainable creation, operation, and redevelopment of assets across multiple market sectors.
Simon Randall Director, Environmental Services Read More

Jane Hirst, Planning Director

A bespoke approach to the delivery of high-quality outputs for our clients is at the heart of everything we do.

Nicky Hartley, Director – Major Infrastructure and Environment

Efficient and effective major infrastructure delivery is key to the UK meeting its levelling up and net zero carbon objectives.
Nicky Hartley Director – Major Infrastructure and Environment Read More

Elaine Richmond

Director, Environmental Services

Stefan Boss

Director, Environmental Planning

Natasha Jones

Senior Associate, Landscape Architecture

Paul Jenkin

Director, Water Management

Richard Puttock

Director, Geotechnical and Environmental

Simon Randall

Director, Environmental Services

Jane Hirst

Planning Director

Nicky Hartley

Director – Major Infrastructure and Environment

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Transport Planning Services We help our clients understand how people move around and between places, and how this can affect choices about policy development, land use and scheme design.
Planning Services With a reputation for providing commercially astute advice and technical solutions, we create value for our clients.
Programme Management & Integrator Services Stantec provides a range of professional services to support the delivery of major capital investment programmes across six continents.
Resource Recovery Generating opportunities from waste.
Sustainability & Building Performance. We blend art and science to help clients realise the full potential of their projects in terms of life cycle cost, energy efficiency, carbon reduction, human health, and wellness.
Travel Planning As a community grows in size and population, so do its mobility needs. We help you address those needs and find a comprehensive solution that can safely get you to your destination.
Urban Drainage, Flooding Engineering Services Solving urban drainage challenges, creating resilient communities.
Utilities We have extensive experience in providing utility consultancy services to private and public sector clients across the UK.
Water Infrastructure Engineering Integrated water supply systems to provide improved resilience and energy efficiency.

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