Safe storage for the long term

Robust tailings and waste rock management processes are critical to the preservation of precious ecosystems. We have worldwide experience in all phases of design and implementation under a variety of climatic, social, environmental, and regulatory conditions. If you need a full spectrum of tailings solutions, we’re ready to help you design for long-term safety and sustainability.

Industry trends—such as risk mitigation, water conservation, and the increasing importance of the social license to operate—present challenges in tailings storage and waste rock management. And in some cases, the solution may be adopting alternative tailings disposal options. We can contribute thickened, paste, or filtered methods or even combine waste rock and tailings storage into an integrated landform. 

Whatever the challenge might be, our work meets the current international standards and local regulatory requirements. We specialise in gap analyses to get your site to where it needs to be, and we’ve served as a trusted advisor for tailings and waste rock projects worldwide.

Finding a sustainable way to reduce mining waste

Mining creates waste—and long-term waste production isn’t sustainable—but the amount of waste can be reduced with a circular economy approach of upcycling, reusing, and recycling. When it comes to mitigating climate change, a circular economy can help by using three principles: eliminating waste and pollution, circulating products and materials, and regenerating nature. Read our thought leadership blog piece about reconsidering waste in mining to learn more about this sustainable approach. Read More

Carefully managing tailings dams post mine closure

Tailings, the finely ground residue left after minerals are extracted from ore, often contain harmful substances and must be carefully contained and treated. Managing tailings dams to prevent environmental hazards is vital for nurturing a resilient ecosystem. The dam must be stabilised and monitored, and a long-term management plan must be put in place to treat and manage the potentially contaminated seepage. Our team of mine closure specialists are skilled in managing, stabilising, and monitoring tailings dams for the long term. Read More

Maximising product recovery from tailings

Yesterday’s mine waste can be today’s resource! Our Mineral Processing Centre of Excellence in Brisbane has a team of process engineers, metallurgists, and mineral processing consultants who are skilled in the reprocessing and revalorisation of critical minerals in tailings waste. Our geotechnical and environmental engineers take a fresh look at waste rock that could be reused on the mine site or sold on the open market. We’re constantly looking for ways to recover value and reduce waste volumes at your operations. Read More

Remote sensing software to measure tailings toxicity’s GlobeWATCH™ uses Earth observation imaging solutions to offer new ways to scan, detect, and identify changes in the environment. This includes HyperWATCH™, which uses Pixxel HIS—a constellation of hyperspectral Earth imaging satellites designed to detect, monitor, and predict terrestrial and marine phenomena. This software is particularly valuable for mining exploration including differentiating between different types of minerals as well as tracking the toxicity levels of tailings storage facilities. Read More

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