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Complete Streets Planning & Design

Enhancing city mobility

Connecting people is fundamental in communities, and our streets play a vital role in doing that. They get people to work, school, appointments, and back home again, allowing them to engage with each other and their surroundings on the way. We work with our clients to create smarter mobility choices, no matter how they choose to commute.

Our goal is to provide design integrated, sustainable, smarter ways for people to get around. From planning through to design and construction, our work impacts people at every stage of the project. 

We’re passionate about enhancing communities to make them more liveable, with reduced carbon emissions to ensure health benefits and safe travel for all. Throughout the planning of our active travel infrastructure, we do this with the aim of reducing inequality. Whether it’s a street, trail, cycle way, or bus corridor, we aim to leave a legacy of improvement that reflects unique needs of a community. 

Healthy streets – from London to Australia

The Healthy Streets Approach, was developed to allow planners, designers, and engineers to make basic assessments of their streets against 10 indicators of healthy streets. These balance social, economic, and environmental sustainability. After its success in London, public health specialist Lucy Saunders travelled to Australia to introduce the concept here. We worked with Lucy to adapt and develop the tool to measure the performance of Australian streets. Read More

We’re not getting rid of cars—we’re making streets more equitable

Our approach frees up space for people who don’t want to drive. It gives people a legitimate choice. If you look at how shopping centres are configured, you’ll notice designers usually include enough space for shoppers to sit and rest between shops. Our streets should be the same, with more people bustling through and interacting.

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