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Everywhere we work—in cities and suburbs alike—economic shifts and demographic trends are changing the dynamic of urban spaces. Developers need a new approach to address and incorporate the changing needs and wants of residents and other stakeholders. They need an approach that’s uncommonly integrated, and our Urban Places team provides just that. 

We help develop or revitalize existing areas at any scale. From regional to city to complete street, through planning, architecture and interior design, we provide exceptional outcomes through effective integration of various disciplines. Engineers and designers on smart buildings, water, transport, and sustainability all work together in one team, and in the same systems, to deliver your next design. 

Your clients are demanding more in terms of features, flexibility, and sustainability. We bring together our technical expertise, research, and consultation skills to collaborate and help communities across the globe chart a path to enhanced livability—in a new urban renaissance.

Investment in Smart Buildings = Investment in People

Investment in smart buildings doesn’t only achieve an owner’s immediate aims, but potentially connects and embeds a building into the city in which it stands. The result is a ripple effect, creating benefits beyond the building boundary. Read More

The Journey of Autonomous Transport

Automated transport raises a number of complex issues and requires a collaborative approach. Deciding what is right for a community’s needs requires foundational knowledge—not only about what’s out there, but how it can be smoothly integrated into the environment.

Empowering our Communities

We care about the communities we serve because they are our community too. A dynamic world requires deep functioning relationships between community, industry, and government to drive successful outcomes. So, for any of our projects to be fully successful, we know they must be fully embraced by local communities. That’s why we take care to make sure our stakeholder engagement and community development is done right.

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