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Lake Mackay Sulphate of Potash Project

Key environmental services at the largest known potash-bearing salt lake in Australia

  • Lake Mackay (Wilkinkarra),  Western Australia

    Lake Mackay (Wilkinkarra), Western Australia

Helping address global food security challenges

As our communities grow, so does the demand for food. We can contribute to solving our food security challenge by using land resources more efficiently—which is why Agrimin are investing in the Lake Mackay sulphate of potash project. By tapping into one of Australia’s richest sources of sulphate of potash reserve, Agrimin can produce a high-quality fertiliser, helping farmers increase their crop yields.

Our job? We completed a range of environmental surveys including flora and vegetation, fauna and local invertebrate species, subterranean fauna, aquatic ecology, and hydrological assessments, with additional targeted searches for conservation significant species and migratory waterbirds. We also investigated baseline and operational water balance scenarios in relation to the potential effects of climate change. Our findings were used to inform the environmental impact assessment for the project and approvals documentation comprising the environmental review document.

With these assessments in hand, Agrimin was better equipped to meet regulatory needs and improve our approaches to solving food security challenges.

At a Glance

  • Agrimin Ltd
Meet Our Team

Dr. Fiona Taukulis, Business Leader, Environment WA

My team and I are widely recognised by clients and regulators as the foremost salt lake ecology specialists in Western Australia.
Dr. Fiona Taukulis Business Leader, Environment WA Read More

Dr. Erin Thomas, Associate, Senior PAM Project Technical Lead

I’m proud to be part of a team that’s supporting the health of aquatic and subterranean systems for a more sustainable future
Dr. Erin Thomas Associate, Senior PAM Project Technical Lead Read More

Dr. Fiona Taukulis

Business Leader, Environment WA

Dr. Erin Thomas

Associate, Senior PAM Project Technical Lead

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