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Contaminated Land Management

Transforming and developing areas that are often considered liabilities

Environmental site assessments (ESAs), brownfield restoration, and site remediation are crucial processes that contribute to the safety and sustainability of our environment. As a service provider, we aim to understand your broader objectives in these areas—to meet all requirements and achieve a positive outcome.

Environmental site assessments evaluate the potential impact of contaminants on the environment and public health, while brownfield restoration focuses on redeveloping previously contaminated sites. Site remediation aims to mitigate and remove environmental contaminants from polluted sites. We can help with all of the above.

By comprehending state and federal regulations and stakeholder objectives, we provide tailored resolutions that meet your specific needs. We also know that it's essential to balance the technical requirements of each process with your overall objectives, which may include factors like budget constraints, community involvement, and future land use.

Ultimately, a successful outcome will depend on clear communication, collaboration, and a commitment to environmental sustainability.

Every project is independent, every solution unique

Our specialists look at your project from every angle—above and below ground. We use our expertise to investigate, plan, and implement the right solution to your challenges. It’s our goal to understand your purpose and customise our solution to your needs, whether it’s a subsurface investigation, development of a remedial action plan, a human health and ecological risk assessment, toxicology, or an emergency response plan.

From contaminated to remediated

When dealing with historical contamination or responding to a spill, we work with you to develop and execute the remediation plan you need. Managing environmental contamination is a balance between cost, risk, and technical feasibility. We use our knowledge to investigate, plan, and implement the right solution for your situation. Partnering with us will provide you with peace of mind to move from contaminated to remediated.

Water quality and acid sulfate soils

Acid sulfate soil contains chemical compounds known as metal sulfides. When the metal sulfides are exposed to the air, they produce sulfuric acid, which affects water and soil quality. Heavy metals and other toxic substances can also be released, and the effects of acid sulfate soils can lead to reduced pH and oxygen concentration in water. Our team actively produces adaptive management and monitoring plans to help reduce the exposure of affected soils to oxygen.

Limiting the risk of PFAS contamination

Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) present a range of risks to various industries. PFAS risk assessment is evolving, and our experience has us at the frontline of science and technology in the assessment and management of these substances. PFAS are found in groundwater, surface water, soil, and sediment—and that means PFAS are also being found in the food chain, including in people, plants, and animals. Our team offers site assessment, risk evaluation, risk mitigation, remediation, stakeholder engagement, and more.

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