Environmental Services

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Going with the flow for the future

In Australia’s harsh climate, it’s essential for environmental services to be involved in our transport and water projects. Floods, fires, and windstorms are just some of the natural and dangerous disasters that can damage our potable water, block our roads, and affect our communities. 

With tomorrow’s weather challenges in mind, our team of experts provide the remedy for storm damage. We repair, restore, and futureproof water systems and transport routes that are damaged by disasters. We create public spaces, that are more resilient, helping people feel at home again in their communities after the storm has passed. And we look to the future, building masterplanned, water-smart communities that are water resilient.

As an integrated firm, we’re lucky to have each other’s backs when it comes to building roads and water systems that are reliable in disasters, but also future-forward and sustainable.  

We help communities feel like home

Transforming land into a residential or mixed-use community, or a public space with parks, trails, roadways, and transit requires a mix of technical skill and creative vision. Our multifaceted approach to community development forms wildlife habitat, restores wetlands for future generations, and builds communities where bicyclists ride on trails and family’s picnic in parks. By creating unique spaces that respond to the land and the people who use them, we bring community to life.

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