Major Events & Venues

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Stress free travel to and from events

The impression of attending a game, concert, or major sporting event should be the event itself, not the stress of the journey there. Our goal is to ensure that event arrival and departure is so well planned that attendees don’t notice it at all. 

Moving large numbers of people in and out of special event venues creates a spike in normal traffic congestion. If not planned properly, these events can cause stress on local transport networks and disruption to traffic in surrounding communities. At Stantec, we have experience in helping communities prepare for events to minimise wider community impacts.

With a well-designed mobility and transport operations plan, the journey to and from an event won’t detract from the event experience. From initial site and facility planning to the detailed planning of event-based transport operations, we have the expertise to ensure a successful event that will bring people back time and time again.

Run for the Kids

From inception of this community event, we’ve helped fundraising organisers develop the short course and long course running event routes including road closures and detour strategies. The goal? To provide a great experience for participants while minimising disruption to the general public and raising money for the Royal Children’s Hospital. Read More

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