• 4 Parramatta Square Sustainability Services
  • Dinmore and  Graceville Train Station Accessibility Upgrade
  • Greater Brockman Syncline Sustaining Project
  • The Victorian Desalination Project


Shaping the future of communities

Communities are facing major challenges to their long-term sustainability. An increasingly changing climate. Pollution of the biosphere and oceans. Loss in biodiversity. 

At the same time, there are opportunities for positive change through new technologies, ecosystem regeneration, and holistic, unified planning by community leaders. An ecosystem infrastructure approach—integrating the natural and built environment—is key to transforming the future of our communities.

In the markets we serve, we help clients and communities lower carbon emissions and bolster resilience against climate change. We plan and design resilient solutions that always consider the environment.

When something happens in one of our communities like a flood, fire, drought, or other natural disaster, we don’t just work to fix what’s been destroyed, we work to prevent it from happening again. At Stantec we always do what is right for the environment and the communities we serve.

Climate solutions

We recognise that we need to consider climate change in our project work. Our focus as design and consulting professionals is to help our clients see their projects through a climate lens—and then act on what they find. No matter our level of climate action maturity, our diverse services will help you adapt and achieve your mitigation goals. Learn More

One of the most sustainable corporations in the world

Stantec is pleased to have earned a spot on Corporate Knight’s index of the world’s 100 most sustainable corporations. The annual ranking acknowledges companies that implement responsible business practices based on environmental, social, and governance indicators. Global 100 companies represent the top 1% in the world on sustainability performance.

The future is electric

Electric vehicles (EV) are an integral part of smart mobility, a design philosophy poised to mitigate our current rate of climate change. The electrification of transport will bring fundamental changes to our society, including how we design our roads, power grids, commercial buildings, and parking lots. The most impactful change, however, will be to our behaviours around personal travel.

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