Telecomms & ICT

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Smarter world, today

Technology is the invisible cord that connects us to the world around us. It brings efficiency to our infrastructure, buildings, and processes and increasingly shapes how we experience the world. 

Imperceptible but crucial, every building makes use of information and communications technology (ICT). From security and fire alarm management, audio and video processing, transmission, and network-based control to phone and internet. 

We collaborate with our clients to make their buildings work smarter.

We’re changing the way people interact with the world

Building technologies offer many ways to improve the operational efficiency, environmental sustainability, and occupant experience of the built environment. Smart building technology supports a range of measures including reduced energy consumption, regulation of smoke detection, and fire outbreak prevention that can help make our buildings safer and healthier places to work. Read More

Ensuring safety for our communities

With the increased desire to return to work following the global COVID-19 pandemic, what impacts will business practices have? Through bespoke movement modelling and continual monitoring, our team can tailor a return-to-office strategy to guide you and your employees to a safe “new business as usual.” Read More

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