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Tailored solutions that hold water

Water is critical, so it’s important we create a sustainable future for it. At Stantec, we help our clients tap into water’s potential by deeply listening to each community’s unique, local needs—whether aesthetic, financial, political, or environmental.

We’re specialists in fresh water, wastewater, stormwater, and groundwater. Our goal is to make sure that each community uses its water resources at the highest level of efficiency, reducing waste and increasing the security of the supply in the process. We focus on enhancing the sustainability and wellbeing of each community we serve. As we build on what’s already in place, we make sure to maximize your existing investments, helping you realize the value for money spent.

We lead the industry with our innovative approach, balancing technological innovation with environmental, regulatory, and economic needs. 

Expert Spotlight

Luke Long , China Country Manager

The most important thing is people.

Charles Wang, Principal Consultant

I love offering systematic and creative solutions to water and wastewater management, not only technical approaches.

Luke Long

China Country Manager

Charles Wang

Principal Consultant

Water resources, planning, and management

We offer a range of services to help public and private entities monitor water supply and ensure quality, while meeting the needs of end users and preserving local landscapes. We support government programs for water quality improvement, environmental restoration, productive reuse, and strategic environmental resource planning. We also provide services relating to watershed management, seawater and coastal hydrology, groundwater and aquifers, streams and reservoir enhancement and rehabilitation, water rights, and irrigation.

Food, forests, and fuels

In the agricultural sector, we offer assessment, modelling, design, and consultation to span the planning, design, construction, and operation of water supply and irrigation schemes for traditional food crop, forestry, and biomass projects. Our intelligent irrigation design is based on global expertise and local knowledge of specific soils, crops, and climates. In the mining and landfill industries, we supply expertise in areas such as water supply, characterization studies, surface water, and pit lakes.

Water Futures

Almost all human activity depends on water. Today, around one third of the world’s population lives in water-stressed areas—1.8 billion people still drink unsafe water. Severe flooding and drought are occurring more often, with devastating effects all over the world. The intersection of water, energy, food, and climate change is an overarching megatrend that will shape our world in the coming decades. Our increasingly complex and interconnected world faces unprecedented economic, geopolitical, and environmental challenges.

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