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A Guide to Workplace Metrics, Data, and Research

March 03, 2022

By Stephanie Wood

Combining data and metrics with a company’s vision creates a workspace where employees thrive. Learn more from our experts in Work Design magazine.

What is the significance of data when space planning? Head counts, seat counts, and standards are all typical ways to start generating square-footage requirements, but these are simply numbers and counts. They do not reflect the holistic view of the ‘heart’ of a company and its staff or how the work environment should be organized to optimize things like culture and wellbeing, while supporting productivity and creating a space where staff thrive. So how are things like culture, morals, productivity, and well-being measured in the first place? Is it even possible? If it is possible, how is that information leveraged to create a sense of community and ‘buy in’ that is tied to company culture? Can that be accomplished through space planning?

Read full article in Work Design Magazine.

  • Stephanie Wood

    A facilities planner with a background in architecture, design, and historic preservation, Stephanie designs thoughtful, innovative workplace strategy, and master planning solutions focusing on efficiency and productivity in work environments.

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