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Modeling Post-Wildfire Debris Flow Erosion for Hazard Assessment

May 19, 2022

Current View

Stantec specialists discuss managing post-wildfire hazards in the International Erosion Control Association’s Environmental Connection Magazine

Dr. Thad Wasklewicz, Dr. Richard Guthrie, and Stantec engineers Paul Eickenberg and Benjamin Kramka, share how post-wildfire secondary hazards (debris floods and flows) play a prominent role in sediment transport along hillslopes, channels, and alluvial fans. Increasing wildfires with more frequent and intense rainfall is a key factor to secondary hazards. This article shares essential information to understanding and managing the potential hazards to human life, infrastructure, and property.

The ability to use modeling tools, such as DebrisFlow Predictor, and expert knowledge to advance evidence-based management goals and make more informed decisions is a critical step in reducing the risks associated with these and other geohazards. While planning expertise may not have been historically available, methods are now available to proactively estimate the threat posed by post-wildfire secondary hazards and assist in making informed decisions.

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