Taking airport design to new heights

We’re taking airport design to the next level. From roadway to runway or full terminal design to retail tenant, our deep understanding of airport operations drives us to create destinations that are more efficient, memorable, and safer than ever before.

With projects completed at over 200 airports worldwide and client relationships lasting more than 20 years, we have the in-house expertise necessary to deliver a successful airport project. We work with our clients to uncover and celebrate what is unique about their region and use art and architecture to differentiate airports and make them more enjoyable and easier to get around.

Transforming airport terminals into destinations

The newly released Stantec Airports book looks at how airports can create memorable experiences for passengers and a sense of place for their communities. Featuring in-depth case-studies of ten airports around the world, our book includes unique photography and extensive architectural and engineering details. The Stantec Airports book tells a story that will resonate with the everyday traveler and those in the airport, architecture, and engineering industries.

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At ground level, it's an airport unlike any other

Through animation, we explore the question "why go up to go down" during our design of the Iqaluit Airport.

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00:01 we try and bring a sense of place to all


the airports we do and it's particularly


important here


iqaluit is the capital of Nunavut and


everyone passes through the airport it's


on an island so the airport there is


really truly the crossroads for that


community for people coming from the


outer communities like Cambridge Bay or


coming north from Ottawa or east from


Yellowknife everyone passes through that


Airport so it is the great meeting place


there's a lot of meters and greeters in


the airport so if you go to the airport


today up there you'll find that for


every traveler there'll be three or four


people or their meeting them saying


goodbye so we've prided tried to create


a place where those meters and greeters


can become true where they can spend an


hour saying goodbye or waiting for their


guests to arrive art plays a big


function in the life of the into it they


were great craftsmen both making their


tools and their houses and they carried


that over into making art objects and so


we're bringing that art into the Rotunda


into these public spaces in a major way


reflecting the culture to both the


community there and to visitors who are


coming to see the Arctic for the first


time I hope that it is a great community


center that the community will think it


reflects the value of the government the


value of the people the values of the


community and will be used on a regular


basis for functions beyond just


transportation that'll be used for a


community meeting space and it'll feel


like home to them that it reflects their


character their culture



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Terminal 6 at JFK

In 2017, JetBlue—the operators of Terminal 5 at the JFK Airport in New York—selected Vantage Airport Group and RXR Realty to design a new terminal on the Terminal 6 site. Our job? To design the terminal and associated airside and landside infrastructure in association with Corgan. Read More

Lynden Pindling International Airport

When you’re embarrassed to have visitors in your home, it might be time to clean up. When your home is the national airport, and visitors are your number one source of income, it’s time for a redesign. Read More

Border Walk

Over two million people use land-crossings each year to cross the US-Mexican border for flights departing from Mexico’s Tijuana International Airport (TIJ). The CBX takes advantage of TIJ’s proximity to the border with an 86,000 SF building containing departures and arrivals functions and a 390-foot pedestrian skybridge over the border. Read More
1 in 3 North American passengers travel through airports where we have completed major projects

We’ve worked on more than 40 terminal projects.
We’ve completed more than 200 airports worldwide.
We have more than 25 years of experience working in airports.


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