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Our tightly integrated collection of design thinkers spans scales, geographies, and disciplines. We balance insight and aesthetics to solve your complex problems, and we find vibrant, meaningful, high-performing solutions to your transit station and terminal challenges.

What do growing metropolitan areas need? Balance. By designing transit solutions in balance, we create cities that are more livable, buildings and offices that hum with the energy of inspiration, and the vital places between buildings where people can recharge with nature. We balance listening with guiding, learning with leading, performance with aesthetics, and work with life.

Our designs have set the standard for a new kind of transit station: functional, beautiful, sustainable, and mindful of the needs of the people who use it.

LA Metro Willowbrook/Rosa Parks Station

The Willowbrook/Rosa Parks Station Improvement Project provides significant upgrades to this busy station, expanding its multi-modal capacity and role as a quality community resource, ushering it into a new era of Metro Rail.

Design matters

Forward-thinking and progressive designs are at the core of our culture. We aim to inspire sustainable, equitable, and captivating communities that prioritize the human experience. Our focus? Protecting the future of our communities through resilient and sustainable strategies—we’ve been a thought leader and innovator in this space for decades, and our transit station architects and engineers have dedicated their careers to advancing innovative design across North America.

People and place

The true measure of a well-designed transportation system isn’t just how quickly and efficiently it delivers us to our destination—it’s also how well the system supports and enhances the human experience. That human experience is the “people” side of transit. It’s multi-faceted and includes the person who rides on public transit, the person who drives the bus or train, and every person within the larger community physically arranged around the system. The key to success? A comprehensive and integrated approach.

User experience

Transit stations have to accomplish a lot. First and foremost, they must make public transit as easy, safe, and comfortable as possible. Site layout should create clear circulation patterns and minimize conflict between modes. Beyond the basics, the architecture should support and enhance system identity, creating a passive explanation for system location and coverage. The design should create a place that is interesting and inviting, a place that clearly recalls that people—not buses or trains—are the focus of the entire system.
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