Energy Transition

  • Rocky Mountain Pumped Storage Hydropower Project

    An energy storage project powering Georgia

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  • Wolfe Island Offshore Wind Project

    Renewable power for approximately 70,000 households

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  • Gull Bay First Nations Diesel Offset Microgrid

    Reducing a remote community’s reliance on diesel for energy

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Helping clients address a defining issue of our time

Do you feel the urgency? We do. Do you also see the need to act? So do we.

The energy transition is a shift in how we produce and consume energy. It’s changing the nature of what infrastructure can do, mitigating our environmental impact, and unlocking potential for a more resilient and sustainable way of life.

This means energy optimization, increased electrification, a focus on renewable energy generation and energy storage, distributed energy resources, and investing in alternative fuel development.

We provide integrated and innovative solutions to help our clients adapt and advance as they transform to the new reality of a lower-carbon future.

Only by addressing climate change today can we create the resilient and sustainable communities of tomorrow.

6 things we talk about—and one we don’t—when we talk about the energy transition

Say “energy transition” and most people think about moving from conventional sources of energy towards renewables like wind and solar. Although the evolution of energy sources is fundamental to the energy transition, there’s more to it than that. Much more. Read More
We’ve dedicated ourselves to sustainability in all aspects of our work and are committed to achieving carbon neutrality for 2022 emissions.
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Corporate Knights Global ranked us among the top 1% in the world on sustainable performance (2022).

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