• Automated Heavy Electric Vehicle Prefeasibility Study

    Evaluating automated, electric haul truck options to reduce carbon emissions and increase safety on mine sites

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  • Efemçukuru Mine Underground Crushing Station

    Safety and energy efficiency—key objectives in this underground crushing and conveying facility

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The future of mining is Net Zero

In response to global shifts and market demands, Stantec developed Net Zero Mining—a holistic service offering that helps mining companies meet their environmental, social, and governance (ESG) obligations. By finding ways to reduce energy demand and utilize clean sources of energy, our experts guide clients on their paths to net zero emissions.

Towards Net Zero Webinar: CIM Magazine and Stantec

A conversation with mining leaders about what they are doing today to improve tomorrow.

REDUCE: Greenhouse Gas Emissions Audit and Removals

We quantified and reported greenhouse gas emissions and removals associated with the operation of a large-scale, multiple-pit mine. Our team completed a carbon and energy audit—collecting data related to electricity and diesel consumption, raw materials use, travel, and commuting. After analyzing each input, our specialists recommended actionable steps to lower greenhouse gas emissions. Read More

REPLACE: Samsung Grand Renewable Energy Park

A combination wind and solar energy plant, this installation supports Ontario’s plan to retire coal generation and increase its renewable energy supply. With our technical expertise and knowledge of Ontario’s energy grid, interconnection variables, and local distribution companies, we were the local partner Samsung needed. Read More

READY: Vale Long Harbour Nickel Processing Plant

The raw materials needed for the energy transition are critical, and how they are processed is equally important. Our Mining team provided geotechnical, materials, and quality control services for this Newfoundland processing plant. The plant uses cleaner technology than traditional operations. It processes metals like nickel, copper, and cobalt which are all needed to move towards a clean energy future. Read More

Net Zero Mining Services

Take a look at what we can do. Whether we’re improving energy efficiency or optimizing water use, we’re here to support your journey to net zero. Read More
Expert consultants help you reduce emissions and prepare for the energy transition.
Credentialed Employees

Stantec has over 900 employees with sustainability accreditations.
Corporate Knights Global ranked us among the top 1% in the world on sustainable performance (2022).
Expert Spotlight

Greg Gillian, Vice President, Mining, Minerals & Metals

The mining community is a small, tightly-knit group and we thrive on relationships—those personal relationships are what I enjoy.
Greg Gillian Vice President, Mining, Minerals & Metals Read More

Paul Stockburger, Sector Leader, Strategic Pursuits, Mining

Our business is all about people. Clients want to work with people they respect, trust, and like. Say what you’ll do, and do what you say.
Paul Stockburger Sector Leader, Strategic Pursuits, Mining Read More

Resa Furey, Marketing & BD Manager, Mining, Minerals & Metals

I am genuinely interested in what keeps our mining clients up at night—I strive to find a solution before my clients need an answer.
Resa Furey Marketing & BD Manager, Mining, Minerals & Metals Read More

Jon Treen, Senior Technical Advisor – Sustainable Mining

No one cares how much you know until they know how much you care—this applies to our employees and our clients.
Jon Treen Senior Technical Advisor – Sustainable Mining Read More

Kim Trapani, Ventilation Engineer

Making sure our design reflects the client’s needs is the key to success. I strive to always go above and beyond.

Alexander Edstrom, Water Resources Engineer

I feel the burden of mining’s history, but also understand its role in building the world we want to see.
Alexander Edstrom Water Resources Engineer Read More

Greg Gillian

Vice President, Mining, Minerals & Metals

Paul Stockburger

Sector Leader, Strategic Pursuits, Mining

Resa Furey

Marketing & BD Manager, Mining, Minerals & Metals

Jon Treen

Senior Technical Advisor – Sustainable Mining

Kim Trapani

Ventilation Engineer

Alexander Edstrom

Water Resources Engineer


Mine Power Whether you are designing a new project or expanding your operations, we can assess your power needs, and design a system that meets your requirements, and is adaptable to long-term plans.
Mine Ventilation Systems One of our most important roles when ventilating an underground mine worker is safety: making sure airflow is sufficient in quantity and quality.
Mine Water Treatment We have the experience and technical skills to evaluate, design, and build water treatment systems that are tailored to the unique factors of your mine.
Mining Environmental Services By understanding your goals and the needs of regulators and stakeholders, we can put together a strategy that is balanced for success.

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